FULL HOUSE/NO VACANCIES – last night at the “Linga Longa”


ISBN: 9780648599852

Full House No Vacancies is a “location play” set in a run down St. Kilda boarding house that was once a splendid Victorian mansion. On arrival at the front door the audience are divided into three groups who rotate through bedrooms belonging to three of its residents where scenes are performed simultaneously (so that each audience group witnesses all the events of the play but in different viewing orders). These are the living spaces of Sheila (a semi-retired actress and chantreuse), Freddie a failed stand-up comic, and Rosie a professional masseuse. Into the mix come Liz, a pregnant friend of Rosie’s, Gareth a deregistered Welsh doctor who has saved Freddy from being bashed up at his latest failed gig, and Nick, one of Rosie’s clients (who turns out to be a developer intent on turning the Linga Longer into a car park for his latest highrise  monstrosity next door). Over-lording the Lina Longa is its caretaker Morrey, a nervous, constantly irritated little man with one eye and less patience for anything. As the residents endeavor to save their “home” from destruction, characters wander from room to room, hiding secrets and plotting strategies. The story concludes with a “happy hour” in the main dining room out the back where Freddy finally gets to be funny, Gareth ties the knot with Liz, and Rosie has her sweet revenge on the heartless developer.